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Racor Filters

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The Racor range from Parker Hannifin is know worldwide as a market leader in filtration. Since 1969, Racor have been making filtration systems for fuel, air, oil and coolant.

Racor filters from the U.S.A. supply fuel filtration systems for marine applications. Filters are vital for the protection of your engine while in the water. The filters start from 2 microns. This means that you will get virtually no water or particulates entering your engine.

The Parker Racor range of Fuel Filter Water Separator Series. The most trusted line of fuel filter water separators on the market. These provide maximum protection to modern diesel engines by effectively removing water, dirt, sand and rust pollution from the fuel.

There is also the huge advantage that these filtration systems are more cost effective and easier to replace than standard filters. We are now able to supply the filter assemblies and elements for this popular range. As an official distributor for Parker Racor fuel filters, Keypart hold a large stock of filters.

For more information about racor products call us on +44(0)1923 276000 and we'll be happy to help.

"If It's not a genuine Racor Filter, you could be asking for trouble..."

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